Here at St Matthias’ Church we have 5 Core Values – A B C D and E     

  • From the youngest to the oldest.
  • In discovering and developing the gifts God has given us.
  • In giving as much as we receive.
  • In developing a servant culture, and
  • In being bold in risk-taking, gracious in failure, and so finding God’s strength in our weakness.
Becoming Disciples:
  • becoming whole-hearted, life-long followers of Jesus.
  • Centred on Biblical revelation which we apply practically and personally.
  • Bearing more and more fruit as we grow up in Christ.
Creating Community that is:
  • Inclusive in its welcome, yet profoundly transforming.
  • Looking outwards as well as inwards.
  • Relaxed and informal.
  • Affirming and empowering.
  • Creative and open to the Spirit.
  • Supportive and safe.
  • United yet diverse.
Deliberate in our witness:
  • Through our words and actions.
  • In blessing and serving those inside and outside the church.
  • Which is marked by grace and truth.
  • Which gives a reason for the hope that we have, but with gentleness and respect, and
  • Living as salt and light so that others may come to know and follow Christ for themselves.
Encountering God, through:
  • The power of Word and Spirit.
  • Worship and community.
  • Prophecy and prayer.
  • Confession and intercession.
  • Waiting and watching.
  • Receiving and serving.
  • Blessing and sacrifice.
  • Joy and sorrow.
  • Openness and expectancy.